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Our service is priced based on the gross square footage of your lot, as determined by the Harris County Appraisal District, before any improvements. No adjustment is made for pools, landscaping, etc., despite the fact that these items actually increase the time required due to the additional edging and line trimming, which require much more attention to detail than open mowing.

You can look up your lot size online to determine what rate category you fall into at www.hcad.org. You'll be looking for the Land Area circled in this example.


***Please note that you must complete a MINIMUM of 5 consecutive mows or a cancellation fee of $25.00 will apply. Additionally, these rates do not include sales tax, which we are required to collect. You can read the State Comptrollers rules on this here.***

Mowing select areas in Cypress, Katy and Northwest Houston including Copperfield, Stone Gate, Riata Ranch, Towne Lake, Lone Oak, Black Horse, Bridgeland, Cypress Creek Lakes, Fairfield, Cypress Mills, Cypress Mills Park, Sydney Harbor, Cypress Point, Northlake Forest, Stablewood, Coles Crossing, Longpoint and surrounding.

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